i owe sif an apology

and seeing as there’s currently wank in the tags, i thought i’d issue it now because it also extends to her fanbase

i used to think she was vainglorious and cruel but i had only exposed myself to blood brothers

and despite the fact that it’s told from loki’s perspective (which is fallible at the best of times) i somehow convinced myself into thinking that these were adequate grounds upon which to judge her

/cue the ‘oh she’s so mean to poor little loki who never did a thing to hurt her’ diatribe

i’m currently making my way through the simonson omnibus and this bitch is getting so much shit done

she’s dignified and fierce and passionate and fair and everything i aspire to be but let’s face it ain’t no way i’m fitting into that costume

and i’m just really, really sorry for being a silly loki apologist who had to vilify sif in order to make themselves feel better

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    I never really had anything against Sif. But, I’m glad someone realizes that people need to stop woobifying Loki
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